McWilliam’s Flagship range deliver wines that represent the great heritage of McWilliam’s in the Australian wine industry. McWilliam’s ‘1877’ is our top shelf Shiraz celebrating the origins of the company, the McWilliam’s 842 Chardonnay the pinnacle of our cool-climate wines and a showcase of Riverina in the benchmark Botrytis Semillon ‘Morning Light’.


The Appellation Series of wines showcase the rich diversity and quality of the cooler climate, higher altitude wine regions within NSW. Featuring what we believe to be the best or most interesting variety from each region.

Cool Climate

Cool Climate is a new release of fresh fruit flavoured wines from McWilliam’s Family Winemakers. As the description suggests they are crafted from fruit mostly sourced from cooler regions such as Hilltops, Tumbarumba and Orange.


The McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate range features many different varietals that have earned a reputation both in Australia and abroad for their exceptional character and premium quality.