Since the time Samuel McWilliam planted his first vines, the McWilliam family history has been closely intertwined with the stories of the New South Wales and Australian wine industries. From JJ McWilliam’s ambitious plan to pioneer Griffith as a wine region to more recent viticultural ventures in other parts of New South Wales, the McWilliam family has been a leader in the journey that has seen Australian wines move to the forefront of international respect and popularity.

From humble beginnings, the family winery has continued to grow in size and stature. The knowledge, skill and passion that results from such a long family involvement in the Australian wine industry is the reason behind the quality and distinction of each bottle of wine produced by McWilliam’s.

The family has honoured Samuel McWilliam’s faith in the value of the New South Wales land and climate…”

A philosophy of excellence in winemaking has been the backbone of the family vision for over a century, with a particular emphasis on sourcing the finest fruit possible. The continued popularity and acclaim for the wines of McWilliam’s is testament to an unfaltering mission that has been carried from each generation to the next, like a family heirloom.

McWilliam’s sources from vineyards in premium wine regions across New South Wales, including the Riverina, Hilltops, Tumbarumba and Orange. The family has honoured Samuel McWilliam’s faith in the value of the New South Wales land and climate by continuing to lead and further the growth of the local wine industry.

Today, the family mantle is carried by sixth generation winemaker Scott McWilliam. With the experience of five generations before him, Scott and the other winemakers at McWilliam’s continue to produce wines that balance elegance and power. The quality of wines is shown through the popularity and recognition of the entire portfolio; In 2011 over 21 million bottles of McWilliam’s wines were enjoyed globally and in 2012, McWilliam’s was named Most Successful Exhibitor at the Sydney Royal Wine Show for an unprecedented 18th consecutive year.